Life lessons nobody teaches you but you definitely must know

There are many lessons about the wonderful life experience that we can learn from life. But there are lessons that can determine our lives, but no one will “tell the secret”. Here are the life experiences of our predecessors to make our lives better.

Paulo Coelho once said: “People will never learn anything by being taught by others, they have to find the lessons for themselves.”

So be ready and expect to have the opportunity to experience and learn more about the lessons of life.


1. Find yourself 3 hobbies: one to help you make money, one to keep you determined and one for creativity.

There are so many things in life that we have to do, whether we like it or not. And one of the good life experiences for balancing life is finding and doing things we enjoy.

Health, wealth and happiness are three important factors for a life worth living and when your life activities bring all these three, then of course you are enjoying a great life.

2. Thinking too much will cause you to collapse. It destroys the status quo, causing everything around it to twist, making you nervous and just making things worse than they really are.

“Over thinking can not make decisions or can result in stagnation.”

Do not spend too much time thinking, analyzing whether you should or should not do something or whether you should step out of the safe area to change your life or not. If you want to be successful then you must know how to manage risk, listen to your intuition, find courage and act.

3. Practice as if you have never succeeded. Act as if you have never failed.

Faith and optimism in life a the life experiences that play an important role in deciding whether your own life can be successful and fulfilling or not.

4. Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

Have you ever felt scared of what other people think or talk about you? If you are constantly concerned about the judgment of others before making a decision, you will never be yourself.

If someone uses bad words to talk about you, ignore them because those comments are not really important to you.

Your own value is not related to others. When you have the courage and step out of the safe area to take positive action in life, there will be people who support you, ignore you, reject you and disagree with you – and all of those are very normal. Just pay attention to the ones who support and encourage by your side.


5. Listen closely the way someone talks about someone else in front of you. Because that is how they will talk about you in front of others.

This is a life experience of self-awareness and building relationships with the right people. People who support and encourage you will be honest with you and show respect and sincerity to you as well as to others.

And if you are surrounded by people who use false words just to soothe your ego, then surely one day they will say something nasty behind you.

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