Secret Tip – How to make a perfect soft-boiled egg

Nutrition experts say that eating soft-boiled egg provide you with essential nutrition such as protein, riboflavin and selenium and especially lecithin contained in the egg yolk can prevent sclerosis. The reason to that is because lecithin can restrict the necessary amount of cholesterol for human’s mental development. Therefore, the below article will help you with three recipes on how to make soft-boiled eggs that are delicious and healthy .

Recipe 1:

Ingredient preparation:

+ 2 eggs, chicken or duck.

+ 1 pot for boiling with tight lid.

+ 1 perforated ladle to take out the eggs

+ 1 big bowl of ice to dip the eggs in for easy peeling

How to make:

– Wash the eggs, put them into the pot immersed with water and boil them in maximum flame power and close the lid. When the water is boiled, turn off the stove, and follow these tips for culinary timing below:

+ 4-minute dipping: The yolk will only have its outside part condensed so when you cut the yolk it will pour out and is quite shimmering. You will find this hard to eat if you’re not used to it.

+ 6-minute dipping: At this point the egg yolk is condensed but it’s still soft, the yolk won’t pour out but will be glistening wet in the middle and it feels soft when eating. This depends on how you like it.

+ 10-minute dipping: This is when the white yolk is hardened, the yolk is condensed but still soft, it will feel much more friable and fleshy when you eat it.

Recipe 2:

Ingredient preparation:

+ Similar to that in recipe 1

How to make:

– Put the eggs into a medium pot and pour water in so that the eggs submerge. If you got the eggs from a fridge, you should take them out to warm them up before boiling, otherwise the eggs would break when being boiled.

– When boiling, you should lower the flame level, let the water be boiled a bit then soft-boil the eggs in 5-7 minutes. You might prefer to boil them up to 9 minutes for them to be softer according to how you like. (Note: when boiling, use a wooden stick to slowly stir the eggs so that their yolks will reach the center which would look really nice when you cut the eggs.

– Finally, when the eggs are boiled, take them out and immediately put them into a bowl of cold water for about 1 minute so that their shells can be easily peeled.

Recipe 3:


Ingredient preparation:

+ Similar to that in recipe 1

How to make:

–  Put 500ml of water into the pot alongside 150ml of vinegar and boil with a small fire. Next, use a sharp needle, punch a tiny hole at the bigger part of each egg, and put the eggs into the boiling pot and leave it for about 6 minutes (without lid).

–  After 6 minutes, turn off the stove, and close the lid to mound for 3 more minutes.

– Finally, similar to the previous 2 recipes, take out the eggs and dip them in cold ice for them to cool down faster then peel the shells and enjoy them right away.

We hope the 3 recipes above will have you learn great new culinary tips to soft-boil delicious eggs for your family.

Good luck!

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