Enjoy your weekends in less than one million VND with these destination

To have an enjoyable and adventurous trip with a “cheapo range” price is the ultimate travel experience that everyone cares about. But to find somewhere both affordable and satisfying is not easy at all. These are five of the most beautiful places for you to travel with just less than 1 million VND!

1. Vung Tau’s Ocean blue stone lake

Speaking of cheap traveling experiences, you totally have to mention the gorgeous Blue Stone Lake in Vung Tau – a trending destination for camping and doing photo shooting. The Blue Stone Lake locates in Tan Thanh district, close to Dinh mountain in Ba Ria. The Lake always impress visitors with its extremely poetic natural setting. The main attraction is the large blue lake, nestled in the middle and surrounded by a cliff. You can also take photos with the fresh clear, blue water of the lake, pose with the wooden bridge or the swings,…

2. Tan Lap Floating Village

Tan Lap Floating Village locates in Moc Hoa district, Long An province. In this village, you can immerse in the calm and quiet nature without having the burden of the busy daily life of the city in your mind. Come to Tan Lap, you can enjoy being surrounded by the trees and the gifts of Mother Nature. One of the things that attract people to Tan Lap is the majestic trail into the forest.

3. Springfield Cottage – Flower Garden

Only 20km away from Saigon city center, Springfield Cottage Flower Garden locates in Binh Chanh district, this is suitable for anyone who wants to run away from the busy city life

In this homestay resort, the quiet space and the fresh environment will impress you and make you feel like you’re surrounded by the beauty of the countryside.

Especially you can enjoy the artistic architecture of a Western-style floating village – something you could never see anywhere in out crowded Saigon.

4. Vung Tau Zenna Pool & Camping Site

Vung Tau Zenna Pool & Camping Site is one of the most recommended destinations according to travel experience that won’t cost you more than 1 million VND. The location is close to the city and you can get there easily in less than 2 hours by car. At Zenna, you can try out camping by the seaside and enjoy the cool fresh environment with all kinds of interesting activities. Zenny Pool & Camping Site is the one for all location for weekend picnics and BBQs with your dear friends and family.

5. Thanh An Island

This is a totally suitable destination for your squad of friends. You can enjoy all kinds of fresh and delicious seafood by the sea and take the most gorgeous photos for your albums on social media.

Life on the island is quiet and simple with beautiful salt fields, mangrove forests, piers, rocky trails along the seaside, some lead straight to the beach.

With its peaceful and pristine beauty, Thanh An island will be the perfect place for you and your friends to schedule a weekend picnic.

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