A myriad of travel experiences for the honeymoon trip of a “newly-wed” couple

Being busy with all the plans for the wedding, you can easily forget the preparation for your honeymoon trip. With the honeymoon travel experience below you will fully enjoy your holiday.

1.Agree on a location

For a happy honeymoon holiday, the agreement of where to go is one of the travel experiences you cannot ignored. The best way to do this is to write a list of places you want to go and the style of travel and discuss this list with each other. Choose where you want to go. You can go places you like in the past. But absolutely do not go where you went with ex-lover or previous spouse.

2. Anticipating the cost

Make a plan to figure out how much money you will spend and how long you will go. Do not be so stingy, but do not be afraid to show off if you have the ability. Once you have found the ideal location of your choice, you should consult with travel agents.

3. Prepare your necessities

Take a bit of time to pack at least a week before you leave for your honeymoon. This travel experience will help you realize that you are missing something and will have time to buy whatever additional stuffs you may need. You don’t need to put all your clothes in a suitcasse early or they might get crushed. Simply keep things neatly tucked away near the suitcases.

4. Double-check your luggage

Before you leave, check again for what you need to bring along, especially to make sure that your flight, cruise tickets… as well as hotel accommodations are well arranged and the documents you need are put in a place you will not forget how to find. Similar to luggage, if you are worried that you will forget one of the suitcases, have a luggage inspector take them to your destination before you depart.

5. Exchange foreign currency

Surely you do not need to do things this way if you choose a tourist destination in the country. But if you are traveling abroad, be sure to exchange a small amount of money before you leave, so that you will be able to pay for any extra-demand or going from the airport to the hotel. However, do not bring too much foreign currency, you can exchange money when you arrive. You should exchange your money at the bank because exchanging at the hotel which will incur a fee.

6. Read the travel guide

Please read the travel guide before traveling (instead of saving it till you board a plane, boat, car), especially about the custom. Learn about how to dress specifically, when and where to go… as it will help in preparing your material and spirit for the trip.

7. Bring a map

Everyone thinks carrying maps is not necessary but it is extremely important, especially for couples who go somewhere for the first time. The map makes it easy to browse through all the locations and pick the place you want to go to.

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