A miraculous mixture that prevent eyelash extensions from falling off

“The eye is the window to the soul”. Thus, women always try their best to make their eyelashes look the best. However, not everyone can have such a breath-taking pair of eyelashes. The below article will show you a simple and quick beauty method to get you some curvy, thick, and natural eyelashes and make everyone drop their heart beat when you show up.

Ingredient preparation:

+ Coconut oil: 2 coffee spoons

+ Vitamin E: 3 tablets

+ Vaseline: 1 coffee spoon

How to make:

– Extract the liquid Vitamin E from the tip of the tablets and put into a clean small bowl.

– Next up, put the coconut oil and vaseline cream into the bow of liquid Vitamin E and mix them together nice and soft.

– After that, put the newly created mixture into a sterilized glass jar, close the lid and keep it somewhere cool and use it gradually.

How to use:

– Clean the skin of your face with warm water to protect it from dirt and scum, then use masks or skin-care cream as you like.

– Next, take an appropriate portion of the eyelash extension mixture out into a clean small bowl then dip a mascara wand into the mix and brush it onto your eyelashes.

– With this eyelash beauty method, you should perform it 3-4 times each week at night and leave it like that until the next morning and wash it away with warm water, then slap cold water gently onto the eyelashes for them to be softer and tighter from within.

* Benefits:

-This creamy mixture is made completely from natural ingredients therefore it is absolutely safe and causes no side effects, but it helps develop hair follicle. It is because of the antiseptic nature of coconut oil. Vaselin also supplies nutrition that make eyelashes healthier. Vitamin E, on the other hand, makes skin soft and bright.

* Note:

– You can apply this mixture on the skin around your eyes in place of your regular cream. That is also a beauty method to get you a softer and brighter layer of skin.

– You should use scissors to trim the tip of your eyelashes carefully and gently once every week to enhance the speed that your eyelashes become as pretty as you want them to be.

We wish you luck as well as a pretty pair of eyelashes!

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