“Wife is number 1” with these super simple but great housewife tips

As a woman, everyone wants to score 10 points in front of her husband, but for the housewives who usually have to head to the kitchen, many of them will feel anxious when not knowing how to handle “sticky” situations. These good tips that we share will help you acquire knowledge effectively.

1/ Keep the cutting board free from movement

For women who regularly go to the kitchen, it is probably the most used cutting tool, so how to keep the cutting board free of movement during use? Simply put a wet towel under the cutting board, this tip will help keep the cutting board in place.

2/ Clean glass shards 

In the process of cooking or cleaning you may accidentally break glass objects, the glass pieces scattered on the floor is the most terrible thing if not clean up. Just a piece of bread will help you clean up all broken glass pieces, even if they are very small, to avoid damage to the body. This is one of the good tips or as many as 90% of women don’t known about.

3/ Decorate cakes with netted fabric 

You want your cake to be more attractive and eye-catching but you’re crafty or don’t have time to elaborate on complex motifs. This very simple good tip is for you, by using lace fabric and sprinkle powder on top, you will have a beautiful cake like this!

4/ Keep flowers fresh using a coin

Decorating your living space and your study room with fresh flowers will make the space become more beautiful, fresh and more luxurious, especially, it makes you feel more relaxed and much more comfortable. However, not everyone knows how to make flowers fresh for longer. Using this good tip of dropping into a flowerpot a penny and a bit of sugar, your vase will retain its longevity longer.

5/ How to boil a delicious and beautiful chicken    

Surely everyone knows how to boil chicken but not every knows how to get good and delicious chicken! To have an eye-catching boiled chicken that makes anyone fall in “love”, you should put the chicken in when the water is still cool, then boil the chicken in the water without bubble. To give the chicken color, after picking it from the boiling water, soak it in clean, cold water. Soak until cooled so that the skin color does not darken. After that, let the water drain a little, use fried chicken fat and make a layer on the skin, the chicken skin will be yellowish and smooth.

6/ Nailing without hitting your hand with the hammer

Crucibility is a very simple task, but besides that it is important to do it without hammering the hand in. But do not worry too much, a simple but good tip makes it easier to nail with just a comb. You just need to use the comb to hold the nail and your hand will be safe.

7/ Preserve vegetables and fruits

One day, you look in the fridge and find that the fruits and vegetables you bought recently became rotten and inedible, but you do not know how to keep them fresh as new. Fruits and vegetables “like” the dry, wetness only makes them quickly rot. A good tip to prevent this is to place a piece of dry paper inside the fruit or vegetable container. This piece of paper has the effect of absorbing moisture and helping vegetables avoid rotting.

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