“Master tips” that help men score a 10 to women

Being a men that makes many women desperate is the desire of many men. Understanding a girl’s mind is probably the hardest thing in the world, but it is not impossible. Listen to these life experiences from men of winning women’s hearts. They seem to understand the opponents well!

1. Look at her in the eyes

The best way to express your confidence is to speak in a clear, strong tone and look straight into her eyes. Looking at a beautiful woman is a never-boring hobby of men. However, be careful. Remember, if you are caught “looking” at her jinglebells, then your are considered a “goner”. A good life experience is to look at her eyes, to show that you are a man who is passionate but also very elegant.

2. Top up your look

You know that women like men to be – neat, elegant, so you should score her with a good look, bright nose, and a neat and fit hair style, even the fashion of your body that has a masculine fragrance. Think about this, you still judge a girl through her appearance, why wouldn’t women have same rating on you?

3. Give her all your attention

Every girl desires special attention from a “special someone”. So, what you need to do is to care about and pay attention to everything she says. The secrets she shares, you can not ignore, they can be what she does not like in her life, her birthday, the food, the color she likes … If you are not good at listening try to be attentive, the girl is very sensitive so she will recognize immediately if you do not focus on her story. In addition, eye contact plays a particularly important role in enhancing her sympathy for you.

4. Be yourself

Every girl is thinking, behaving and expressing herself in different ways. Therefore, the way to impress her best is the simple but risky way too – be yourself. Do not ever try to change anything of yourself because of who or what. Inappropriate changes will make your image become “ugly”. She will feel your good impression expressed in the natural mood with a bit of humor. Moreover, a relationship can not be sustainable if you do not live with yourself from the very first moment. This is the life experience you must remember.

5. Know how to express your feelings       

There isn’t a girl does not want to be cared for, maybe they do not want to express their feelings too much but they love to feel their men holding their hands in crowded places. This action makes them stronger and more mature. So whether you are afraid of not, hold her hand to score an absolute 10 in her heart.

6. Be outgoing to her friends

When deciding to “target” a guy, the first thing a girl does is to look at the “boyfriend potential” of the man. If you want to become a boyfriend of a girl, you must be able to  express harmony and communication with the people in her life. Women are always fascinated by nice, polite men – men who will surely love her family and friends. Therefore, a life experience for you to be successful with women, is to focus on communicating with herr friends and family – this is as important as being in love with the girl herself.

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