Secret shopping tricks that help “chubby” girls become slimmer and more attractive

Overweight and obesity always makes you lose confidence when going out, especially in the topic of what you want to wear. Here are the types of clothes that should be bought for overweight women to help them become slimmer and more attractive in people’s eyes.

1. Navy Combine Navy Blue + Black

This is a perfect suggestion for fat girls, mix black with navy blue is a good dressing tip to make sense fat people become more compact. Black and navy are dark but extremely skinny color tones, they do not cause your skin to get tarnished or aged when worn. This is not only a safe choice for women with “chubby” body but also fits any body shapes.

 2. Choose Above-the-knee spread skirts

The spread skirt is the outfit loved by any girls, fat girls should not feel ashamed wearing these skirts, because it is a weapon to help her become slim. With the spread skirt you do not expose the fat around the waist, the length above the knee will help your legs look stretched out, thereby helping your physique gain more beauty points.

Don’t forget trying the spread skirt with a pair of high heels / slippers to make you look slimmer and more attractive.

3. Choose vertical patterns

Vertical styling when the body is too chubby is the “immutable rule” that every chubby girl should remember. With this good tip, your body will become slimmer and lighter than ever.

So if your wardrobe does not have a suit with vertical motifs, then just go and shop for it, and you will receive a lot of compliments from everyone around you.

4. High pants

We have to admit that high jeans have been around for a long time but until now it has never gone unnoticed. High pants is suitable for all body shapes because it is designed so that the other person does not see your not-so-compact body but rather only a pair of feet as though it is stretched out a few stools, extremely compact and small. Do not be embarrassed to take a shot at the pants, I bet your body will look much lighter.

5. Dresses that are designed to highlight the waist

Skirts that spread or lightly enfold at the waist are considered “best friends” of overweight women, which are quite useful in making chubby bodies tighter and more elegant. A waistline dress plus a pair of high heels / sandals is the perfect choice, to squeeze your waistline miraculously.

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