Experiences to “backpack” travel with motorbike

For many young people to ride a motorbike as a passion, the backpack journey always brings to the experience the feeling of fun, freshness and fascination. In particular, you will enjoy full freedom, where to go, where to stay. However, the lack of preparation could lead to unfortunate accidents. Below I will share with you some motorbike travel experiences you must remember.

1. Research the route

The first thing you need to do is to choose your destinations, attractions, then thoroughly study the road. With thecurrent satellite map technology, it is not difficult to determine the road if you use a computer, laptop… to enter map pages such as Maps.google.com, Wikimapia.org, Worldmapfinder.com… Another travel experience you should remember is “Roads are in the mouth”, ask local people when you can – these “living handbooks” sometimes can show you a waterfall or stream as beautiful as dreams or a strange custom that is unknown to everyone but the people who live there.

2. Check the weather forecast

An important aspect for you to have a fun trip as you wish is the weather. You don’t want to catch the rain, do you? Of course not. So to know whether the weather you choose is good or not, watch the weather in the hydro-meteorological forecast pages to help you catch some sunshine in your area. This is one of the “rough” travel experiences you should not miss.

3. Perform a check on your vehicle

As the main means of transportation accompanying you along the way, you should check your bike carefully before departing. Check the brakes, chain gear,… all must be properly maintained to prevent damage on the road. Travel experiences show that when backpacking, getting caught with a broken bike is the worst thing ever.

4. Prepare luggage and protective gears

You won’t be able to get away from the dust, smoke, wind and sun… Masks, sunglasses, anti-dust glasses, shoes, helmets, sunscreen, coats, and gloves are indispensable items when traveling by motorbike. It’s important to calculate the day to wear the right clothes. You should watch the number of days you go to bring enough clothing, avoid carrying too much for your bags. For example, one pair of pants can be worn for two days, and one shirt can be worn for one day. Note that the clothing should be comfortable, slightly broad and durable. The backpacks you use should be large and have great storage capacity.

5. Calculate the time of travel

Motorbike traveling or rough traveling, you’ll have to prepare everything yourself, from a motel to a dining venue. Therefore, rational time calculation is a backpack travel experience you should not ignore if you do not want to drive alone in the dark. Do not move in the evening in places that are too quiet because you will find it hard to find a hostel and a restaurant. Furthermore, night travel is not safe. Along the way you can stop for sightseeing, take pictures but do not stop for too long because it will take a lot of time.

6. Prepare the finance

Traveling by motorbike can meet with a lot of unforeseen problems, it depends a lot on your destination and travel time. However, there will be some fixed costs such as:

+ Gasoline: On average, one liter of gasoline will run 50-60 km on the road and 35 – 45 km in the inner city and mountain roads.

+ Bedding: On weekdays, not at weekends or public holidays, the average room price is 150,000 – 250,000 VND / night.

+ Eating: It depends on your eating style such as casual dining or restaurant.

However, to me, if you go to these places, try out the special dishes there!

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