Experienced “precious” life to life more calm

Life has never been easy. To overcome obstacles, you need to give yourself more confidence and energy. Forgiveness is not to be great, but to be happier. The fact that you torment, scold, hate others also hurt yourself. That is all the words of the precious Buddhist prayers. Here are the life experiences of the Buddha to calm life.

1. People suffer because they keep chasing mistakes

Stop thinking about past mistakes, it can be a bad relationship, ruminating and blaming yourself will hinder your future path.

Let go of mistakes in the past, because what you hold up is also what drags you down. Hatred is not a smart choice. Towels once became wipes cannot be used to wipe on the face again. If you can not overcome the pain, you are forever a loser, remember that the sweetest revenge is forgiveness. This is one of those life experiences we should also remember to overcome suffering and to challenge yourself.

2. If someone cannot forgive people from the bottom of their heart, they can never find peace

The teachings of Buddhism have the following stricture: “Turn evil into good, turn conflict into friendship, turn hatred into love”… So is our life, let bygones be bygones and let go and start again from the beginning, start again as a noble person, a person is respected by others isn’t someone who holds on to grievance and tears themselves apart their entire life.

If you just open your mouth say I no longer hate, but in the stomach you still hate, you are even more poignant than the one that caused you hate… become a noble person to those people so that when they see you again, they will envy but respect you because your noble attitude has brought them to shame.

3. Destroying someone only costs one sentence, building someone up takes thousands of words

Our forefathers said: “It doesn’t cost to buy words, choose your words carefully to please each other”, until now it is still a teaching about a good life experience for anyone. Intelligence in each person’s voice is reflected in the way they think, we must it like a grain of rice through a sieve.

Regardless of where you want to go, you can not retract what you have said. For this reason, it is better to think before you speak, especially when you are angry. Normally, people say regrettable words  in anger, and you can avoid it if you know how to think well before you talk. Words are more frightening than knives, which can hurt others invisibly.

4. We do not need to turn our heads to see who cursed us from the get go

Living in this world, there are many people that hate you, jealousy and hatred have long been there. In today’s society, the competition is more and more intense, the relationship between people is increasingly complex, the jealousy and hatred become more popular. People hate you if you’re good, people hate you if you’re beautiful, or ugly. Even if you try to change, try to do good, there are people who will always hate you. Assuming you were bitten by a dog, are you going to turn around to bite it back? So do not turn around to see who curses you. It is a life experience you should remember.

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