5 neat tricks to prevent mosquitoes from “loitering” to your home

Mosquitoes are one of the major causes of dengue. This type of illness has so far no cure, therefore, to protect your family it’s best to prevent mosquitoes. Here are some tips to help you effectively banish mosquitoes.

  1. Maintain hygiene to prevent body odors

Stinking, filthy environment is where many mosquitoes or insects accumulate. Therefore, you have to keep yourself clean as often as you wash, change clothes. In particular, do not wear clothes too many times when the clothes have a sweat smell, change them out right away instead. The smell of socks is also the place where bad smells develops. After a day of wearing socks, you have to change and wash them. Do not wear wet socks.

Dengue fever mosquitoes often prefer to lay eggs in clean, stagnant water. Therefore, to enhance the hygiene habitat, water containers must have a lid, if larvae are detected, they must be destroyed immediately. All items must be collected for incineration or shipped to recycling facilities. Do not let water remain in these tools, they could easily facilitate and proliferate the growth of mosquitoes.

  1. Use garlic scent

Garlic is not only a spice that appears in the kitchen of every family, it doesn’t only help to relieve cold but also helps to prevent mosquitoes. When you eat garlic, it means garlic oil can be released from the pores. The presence of garlic scent makes mosquitoes afraid of getting close.

This is also the reason that many people grind the garlic to use as a spray on bushes to prevent mosquitoes from approaching.

  1. Use orange or tangerine peels

Using orange and tangerine peels are also one of the healthy tips to use against mosquitoes like garlic. Because orange peel and tangerine peel contains essential oils that mosquitoes and insects fear. With this method, you only need to put the peels in the fire and then place them in the corner or bedside but its effect will wear off after 1 night and new peels will have to be used.

  1. Grow plants

Mint leaves, also called mint, are effective to banish mosquitoes. This plant also protects against insects, ants and cockroaches. You can put some basil in the house or plant some bushes in the corner of the garden to effectively prevent mosquitoes.

And if you want to be quicker, you can buy bunches of crumpled basil leaves and put them in some places in the house, especially under beds, chests, cabinets to ward off mosquitoes.

  1. Wear bright-colored clothing

It might sound incredulous but it’s a fact that bright-colored clothing is a very effective tip and trick to ward off mosquitoes. Dark clothing usually attracts insects, including mosquitoes. So pay attention to wear bright colors to avoid flies and mosquitoes. Because white, bright-colored clothes have a high reflectivity and mosquitoes will not come close. You should also avoid clothing that has a mesh or small hole because mosquitoes will park in these spots to bite you.

For young children in particular and people in general, they should wear long clothing when working in areas with many mosquitoes. Be more careful at times like night and evening and wear long pants and socks

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