“Put in your pocket” these travel experience in the first time you go abroad

For the first time traveling abroad, you are probably very worried and confused not knowing what belongings, luggage, and paperwork you should bring to be able to experience the trip perfectly. Please spend 2 minutes to refer to the following travel experiences and prepare for your trip!

1. Paperwork and luggage

In order to have a good tour to a foreign country, you must ensure that you do not forget any documents related to immigration, such as identification documents, passports, etc. You must keep copies of statements to serve the exit procedures in the countries. For those who are overseas Vietnamese or non-Vietnamese citizens, they need to re-apply customs, immigration papers and need to prepare a 4×6 photo in case of taking a visa to go abroad.

An overseas travel experience you have to keep in mind to always bring your identification papers, cash and valuables with you to avoid unfortunate circumstances that make it difficult to get your own entry and exit.

You should try to bring as little baggage as possible for the suitcase to carry or at least only about 20 kg (by plane) and 5 kg of hand-held baggage for free. Pay attention to the weather where you go to bring appropriate clothes. If you bring valuable items such as large diamond jewelry, cameras, expensive electronics… you should report to customs.

2. Financial control

You will need to bring US dollars and exchange money at the airport of the country you visit for convenience of shopping in different countries. To save money and avoid buying expensive goods, when shopping at a store or in the market, you should bargain, especially in China, the price is usually half to one third the originally offered price, sometimes it is much lower than the seller’s price. When you buy goods in bulk or electronic goods are worth more than 300 USD, you will have to automatically pay taxes and freight (if any).

3. Timezone difference

Sometimes, just because of the timezone difference, your trip abroad is not fulfilled. When booking airfare, hotel or transportation deals you forget to consider the time difference of the destination. Therefore it’s easy for you to get to a place where you can not rent a hotel, cannot buy an airplane, train or bus ticket. The first travel experience for you to deal with this issue is actually quite simple… You just need to find out in advance of the local festival schedule during your travels so that there isn’t going to be any hassle for you during the trip.

4. Bring a map

For a fun trip abroad, the map plays a very important role for newcomers to go abroad for the first time. With a map in hand you won’t have to worry about getting lost while going out or while looking for a way back to the hotel where you stay.

 Some other note:

Do not smoke in public.

Should carry a small medicine bag.

You will pay tax on bulk purchases or electronics worth more than 300 USD.

Do not separate yourself if you follow a group.

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