Surprising beauty method with a spoon that could make a U40 10 years younger

Stepping into your 40s means women’s skin will start to deteriorate with pigmentation, tanning, and aging. Instead of having to “swim around” looking for ways to regain your youth, women should take a spoon and try out this beauty method right away. Whether you are U30 or U40, this could get you back 10 years.

This is a newly researched method suggested by a famous German surgeon, Rene Koch, which give positive results on 10 out 10 women.

* Preparation:

+ 2 inox spoons

+ 1 small bowl of olive oil (you can replace olive oil with sunflower oil if you don’t have it)

+ 1 glass of cold water

+ 2-3 ice cubes

* How to make:

– Firstly, pour the olive oil into a clean small bowl and warm it up (note: don’t boil).

– Next, use cleanser to clean dirt and scum off your facial skin, use a soft towel to wipe your face dry then apply a bit of moisturizer over your face.

– Clean the inox spoons, the put them into the prepared glass, put the ice cubes in there and dip the spoons for about 5 minutes.

– When the spoon is cold enough, take them out and put them onto your eyelids, hold still for a few seconds and repeat that 5 times for both sides of your eyelids.

– On the puffy eyes: repeat similar actions under the puffiness 4 times. This action is a simple beauty method that helps you remove swelling and puffiness quickly.

– Finally, put another inox coffee spoon into the warm olive oil bowl, keep it there for a while, then take it out, look into a mirror, and use it to thoroughly massage your face in a down-to-upward motion, starting from the point between two eyebrows upward and 4 positions on the tips of the eyebrows, the work it in reverse alongside your nasal bridge.

+ Next, massage your eyelid with an inside-out motion and massage your puffiness outside-in.

+ Mouth: use the spoons to massage the 2 sides, the move the spoons from the chins upward to the temples.

+ On the neck area, use the spoons and gently massage from the neck up to the face.

With this beauty method with an inox spoon, you should gently massage each position 10 times until you feel that the spoons are no longer smooth enough on the face. Dip them back into the oil for a few minutes and resume.

– Finally, use warm water to wash and clean the skin parts you just massaged.


– With this method, every day you will have to spend 10-15 minutes to complete all the above actions and you can gradually increase the time for each action for your skin to reach your desired result. However, if you do this consistently in 12 days you will feel your skin invigorated 10 years back, just like you want it to be.


– This method helps remove residual liquid in your skin tissues. It also improves your blood circulation, reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and brightness.

– On the other hand, the olive oil contains anti-oxidant agents good for the skin, helping it become smoother. Meanwhile, the oil helps the inox spoons become slippery enough to run on the skin making the skin massage easier.

Good luck with retaining the skin you desire!

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