Mix this with ginger and your “stubborn” acne will instantly go away

Acne is always a terrifying obsession for anyone, especially women. It makes women always feel self-deprecating when faced with others. So is there a beauty method for us to be able to “kick” those nasty acne away? Just take one ginger to mix with this and all your acne will “flutter” away.

Due to the abundant B-group vitamins found in ginger, it is not only a valuable ingredient for the preparation of medicines but also a “miracle elixir” to help women beautify their skins effectively. Ginger can treat bruises and acne extremely well. Just follow the instructions below, women who have been struggling with acne for a long time and took forever to heal will also be surprised with the results achieved in 1-2 weeks only.

1. Fresh ginger to treat acne

To remove bruises and acne for good (especially fish-egg acne), you only need to use a fresh ginger. After peeling and rinsing, ginger juice is squeezed and then used to remove the pulp. Every night, before going to sleep, wash your face clean with warm water and cleanser to remove sebum and dirt on the skin surface. Then use a cotton pad or directly remove the ginger juice using hand to apply onto the acne and bruise.

Massage for about 2 minutes, then relax for 5-10 minutes for the ginger essence to penetrate the skin and then rinse the surface with clean water. Every day, you apply this method once. Continuing this for a week will achieve the desired result. If there is no pressing tool, you can slice ginger and rub it on the skin, which will also bring the same effect.

2. Ginger mixed with honey for skincare


After having successfully treated the acne, you can use this skincare method using ginger as followed:


– 1 fresh ginger (choose a big one, not too old).

– 1 spoon of pure honey.

– 2 spoons of oatmeal.

How to do it:

– Peel and clean the ginger then slice it into small fibers or thin slices. Then, put the ginger into Mortar or grinder, grind until smooth, filter the water and remove the unused parts.

– Put the prepared honey and oatmeal in with ginger juice and mix them into a paste, smooth mixture.

How to use:

Step 1: Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and regular cleanser to cleanse your skin, making your pores softer and more opened.

Step 2: Apply the mixture evenly over the face, avoid contact with the eyes causing eye irritation.

Step 3: Massage gently for about 2 minutes, then store the mixture on the surface for 30 minutes to absorb nutrients and then rinse with cool water to clean it.

Continue to apply this anti-acne beauty method 2-3 times/week, it is encouraged to use this method at night for best results.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory, anti-acne effect, while honey with its vitamin E-rich composition combined with oatmeal will provide moisture, nourishing the skin deep inside. As a result, the skin will glow, regain its elasticity and become more toned and rosy.

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