5 good tips that help your cooking comparable to professional cooks

Cooking is not just about using something, it’s about how to cook. With only a few small changes in techniques, you will turn ordinary dishes into better quality, but not all housewives know all the good tips in the kitchen. Here are the top tips to have delicious food for the family as fast and simple as actual chefs.

1. How to fry crispy and delicious fishes

Fried fish is a traditional and popular dish in family meals every day. But then to cook great fried fishes no matter what kind of pans you use, just try out this good tip: Heat up the pan, then pour a little bit of red wine or rice wine into the pan, or you can take a slice of ginger and rub it all over the surface of the pan, add some oil in next and boil it up, ginger and oil will combine to create a smooth surface to prevent fish from sticking to the pan. Wait for the old oil to boil. Put oil on the remaining fish surface so that the fish is cooked evenly, wait for part of the fish that touches the bottom of the pan to become crispy then turn the fish to avoid the fish being scratched when frying.

2. How to fry potatoes

French fries (potato fries) is a favorite snack of many people, especially the young. Instead of buying fried products which are fried again many times which is not safe, you can go to the kitchen to make chips for the family.

After slicing to your liking, add them into a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. After that, fry until the fries are only slightly yellow outside, then pick them out, let them cool, put them into the cooler overnight. Then take them out fried again. With this good simple tip you can make both delicious and safe food. Also you can make fried butter or fried potatoes depending on your taste.

3. Make pig intestine white and crispy

Pig intestine is a favorite dish of many people, but the fact is that some people make it very delicious, crispy, fragrant, white, and beautiful but many other people make pale and deep black and hard to chew. When boiling pig intestie, wait for the boiling water to release the heart. When the intestine is ripe, pick out and dip right into a basin with a bit of alum (this alum has been boiled and let cool beforehand). By doing so, the intestine becomes white and crispy. With this good tip, the housewives will be able to score nicely in front of their husbands.

4. How to fry crunchy and yellow tofu

Frying tofu he’s a very familiar dishes that every family  makes, which is cheap nutritious and delicious. But have you learned how to make a fried tofu dish that is as good as a restaurant? Simply use this good tip, the tofu you fry will be much different from the other dishes. After you bought the tofu, before frying, dip the tofu into a bowl of warm salt water for 5 to 10 minutes  then pick them out and dry away the water so that frying won’t cause the oil to shoot out. If your home has an anti-stick frying pan that would be good, otherwise don’t worry, simply use one egg before frying, it will make sure the tofu won’t stick.

5. How to boil meat well

Boiled pork (or boiled pig meat) is a very familiar dish in Vietnam’s daily meals, to have a piece of pork that isdelicious, soft and always sweet and white, there needs to be a good tip as well! When the water is boiling, add a tablespoon of vinegar. There are many types of chewy meat such as sows, chickens, ducks, etc. If you want to boil the meat soft, before you put them in the casserole, remember to cover the meat well with leaves.

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