Life experiences that help husbands and wives get out of the “unending wars”

No one couple can avoid arguments, this does not always bring bad things, sometimes it is a way to relieve the psychological stress of both. But when the “war” breaks out and you keep making mistakes, marriage will go to a dead end. Here are some life experiences you have to remember to get out of the “war” every time there is bickering.

1. Everyone has their own opinions

This is one of the marriage experiences you must remember because everyone has their own views and different thoughts. Therefore, when the debate breaks out, you should move towards flexibility, understanding and changing arguments. Do not expand the content of controversy to other issues.

2. Do not bring back old misunderstandings

When a conflict arises, bringing back the previous quarrels will not solve past situations but instead will trigger a new one. At this point, the best life experience is that you should discuss and say things that you are not satisfied about your partner.

3. Do not look for someone to blame

In a marital conflict, everyone thinks they are right and the other is wrong. Everyone wants the favor for themselves and blames others. Doing so makes your marriage more and more on the verge of breaking apart. What happened, happened, everyone should know themselves and you two should take the time to correct those mistakes.

4. Do not dwell into the flaws of others

Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect in this life even your husband – the one you have chosen to go through life with. Do not try to show your superiority to your partner. Doing so only makes them think they are not good enough for you. Look for another solution that will help the quarrel finish faster.\

5. Do not think your worst thoughts are right

A quarrel happening always makes your mood become the worst. But do not think the other one would do something unfaithful when you two are not together. This thought only provokes new arguments. Be frank and try to clarify their behavior to avoid making the argument worse.

6. Do not exaggerate your emotions

Do not get too emotional or scream out loud to your partner just because you want to be the winner. Once the emotion has gone too far, it can mentally injure the person. It is best to control your emotions, to use your words calmly and reasonably to solve the problem.

7. Do not criticize your partner

Criticizing your partner’s personality only makes the fight even more serious, especially if you do it deliberately. You should simply and only talk about specific actions that you do not like or are upset about.

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