Note down immediately these life experiences if you are living in a dormitory environment

Stepping into the university door is when you are away from your parent’s embrace, beginning to enter a new environment, an independent environment. Many have chosen the dorm as their “second home”, but the collective life has made many people anxious. Here are the life experiences that will help you live a beautiful life in a dormitory environment.

1. Live harmoniously and happily

But when living in the same room with others, living happily and harmoniously is a life experience you have to remember. Maybe you are the quiet type, it’s okay, living harmoniously doesn’t requires you to talk all the time. Living harmoniously is a life in mutuality with everyone, caring to people and also being happy to respond when someone asks you. Don’t think that just because you are a provincial kid coming to the city to learn that you feel pitied, because in the dorm room, everyone is like you and you are part of a family.

2. Live responsibly

Being responsible is the life experience that exists whether you live or work in any environment. When you live in a collective environment, there is always a job assignment like cleaning or cooking. Try to complete your task as quickly as possible. This is also a life experience to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and arguments that are not worth it.

3. Being empathetic and sharing

Being empathetic and sharing is the best way to become a good person in the eyes of others. To sympathize with someone is not difficult, just be willing to put yourself in their place. No one will oblige you with knowing everything to be sympathetic and sharing to everyone, but it can be with a certain limit with things you do know. You should ignore your ego and benefit to sympathize with the circumstances of the people who live with you. In life, there are times when one must experience difficulties and stumble, you will, too, so we all need sharing and sympathy in this life.

4. Respect each other’s privacy

Each person has personal relationships to their family, friends, work, love, etc. While living together, being together in a room does not mean you have control or curiosity towards private matters of others. If they need to share and confide, they will let you know, otherwise you should not try to undermine, explore and examine those relationships. Each person has different thoughts and behaviors, so you should not judge and tell stories of people in your room just because you do not like them. If you respect them, they will also respect you and your private life.

5. Compromise and help each other

Compromising and helping others is a “guideline” in any relationship. If one truly respects a relationship, making a compromise is very necessary. To compromise is to give away, to share your efforts to those who have less than you. Don’t insist on your own interests all the time. And besides, you need to know how to help if people living with you have troubles.

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