Tips on how to keep your porridge from being burned

Today I’ll share with you all some useful cooking tips on how to cook a delicious pot of porridge without burning them.

 1. Cook porridge with the rice cooker

Using the rice cooker to make porridge is one of the most convenient way and you won’t have to spend a lot time putting an eye on it like when you cook it on the stove.

  How to cook porridge with a rice cooker:

 Pay attention to the volume of your cooker’s pot to estimate the amount of water and rice. While cooking porridge, the rice usually bloated a lot so you should keep an eye on to prevent it from spilling out.

– Close the lid and plug the cooker in, choose “Cook” mode to start cooking. This is going to take about 25 minutes, then you switch to “Warm” mode to keep it warm and softer.

There are some rice cooker in the market that has several other cooking options like: cooking porridge/congee, cooking sticky rice,… This is also a convenient way for you to make a good, nutritious pot of porridge.

Cooking porridge with a rice cooker is sure easy, but do you know how to prevent the porridge to spill out of the pot while cooking? A great tip for this is adding 1 table spoon of sesame oil after putting rice and water in the pot. It will also help enhance the taste of the food you cooked!

2/ Cook porridge with a pressure cooker

One of the easiest way to cook a delicious pot of porridge is using the pressure cooker. You won’t have to wait for long but 30 – 40 minutes. All you need to do is add in rice, water, close the lid tight and start cooking.

If you see steam while cooking, it means that the lid is not tightly closed and the porridge won’t be cooked properly. Beside that, the porridge will also give out the burned smell makes it hard to eat. Pay attention to this while making congee with a pressure cooker.

Useful tips: To cook delicious porridge without burning it, the water ratio is really important. Don’t wing it if you don’t want your porridge to be too solid or liquid.

+ Normal plain rice porridge: rice – water ratio is 1:3

+ Rice porridge cooked with fish/meat/vegetables/nuts or beans: rice – water ratio is 1:4

With fish or meat porridge, you only need to add them in the pot after the porridge is already boiled and continue cooking for another 3-5 minutes.

If you want to cook porridge with nuts or any kind of beans (mung beans, red beans, black beans,…), add them in together with the rice from the start. Then instead of 25 minutes, you can cook it for a bit longer (like 30-35 minutes) so the ingredients mix well in each other and make the dish taste better. With only 2 simple cooking tips, you now know how to cook porridge quick and easy without burning them. Good luck and don’t forget to at these into your Kitchen Journal!

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